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A Photographer's Portrait by Christian Hernandez

In the spirit of learning and becoming a better photographer, on Thursday night, I wanted to play with some lights and softboxes I had purchased a few months ago. I've learned that trial and error in a relaxed, controlled environment (not a paid shoot), I can learn a lot about lighting, the camera, lenses, and photography in general. I don't have the pressure of delivering images to a client and have ample time to adjust things and see what works and doesn't.

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Alpa Rama - Fashion/Style Influencer Photoshoot - Lake Nona, Orlando, FL by Christian Hernandez

I first met Alpa about 2 months ago in May 2018 through Instagram when I offered to take some photos for her blog. We worked out the details to meet up so she could model and allow me to take some portraits we could both could use in our portfolios.

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Cousins at Work - Portraits of my Cousins by Christian Hernandez

On days when my uncle’s company has events, I photograph EPIC Sports Marketing’s races. My cousins help out at the races, so I also take some photos of them. Here are some shots.

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Portraits of My Father - July 2018 by Christian Hernandez

At the church my family attends here in Florida, they choose to recognize and honor service members on the Sunday before Independence Day. This year on July 1, 2018, I took these portraits of my father in his Army uniform after church.

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Abby & Nicholas Engagement - Winter Park, Florida by Christian Hernandez

It was gloomy outside. A June afternoon in Florida. It had just poured and my sister and I were on our way to photograph Abby and Nicholas. I was honestly nervous about how the photos would turn out because the weather had me a bit uninspired, but in the end I couldn't be happier with what we captured.

I first met Nicholas when we were both kids - we both went to the same church and his parents were friends with our parents. He and Abby recently got engaged and when I found out, I offered to take their engagement photos. It was a perfect match!

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