Orlando Couples Photographer

Pete & Sierra - Outdoor Maternity Shoot by Christian Hernandez

Earlier this year, Pete reached out to me to let me know Sierra’s family was throwing them a baby shower in Florida. They live in New York City and have been good friends of mine for about 5 years. I hadn’t seen them in about a year, so when I heard they were coming down, I said I’d love to be there!

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Neemo & Trent - Prom Portraits by Christian Hernandez

A few months ago, I photographed Neemo and Trent on their Prom day for some Portraits. Apart from the traditional prom poses, I treated the shoot like a couple’s photoshoot and captured them being a couple. Their theme was Black & Gold and both were dressed to impress.

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Photographing my Godparents by Christian Hernandez

My Godparents recently came up from Puerto Rico to visit the Florida side of the family for a few days. Among the obligatory visit to Disney, they allowed me some time to capture some moments and feature them in front of the camera. They revealed at the beginning of the shoot is that they haven’t had photos of them taken since their wedding 30+ years ago. I’m glad I was able to send them with some happy memories they can keep and share for years to come.

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