Family Session

Photographing a Children's Birthday Party by Christian Hernandez

I recently photographed a children’s birthday party and had a blast capturing the memories. I’ve thought about my previous experiences photographing children and saw an improvement in my confidence level on this shoot, as well as with my level of skill photographing kids that are constantly moving around.

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Things I Learned From My First Shoot with Children by Christian Hernandez

In September 2016 I was in Miami, FL for a few days. A couple of friends knew I was trying to grow my photography portfolio, so they set up a family photoshoot while I was there.

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Family Photography - Photographing my Cousins by Christian Hernandez

My cousin and her husband just moved back to Florida from Georgia. They are both engineers and move cities/states just about every few years to be closer to each of their project’s sites. They are now working on a project in Florida and called me up for some family photos. They take some each year for their Christmas cards and to have a record of how the kids have grown throughout the years. I happily obliged!

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