Street Photography at Walt Disney World II / by Christian Hernandez

On Monday, July 16, my family and I went to Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center after a short detour to Fort Wilderness (outlined here). I decided to keep trying out some street photography while there. I love street photography - the realness of the moment and authentically capturing people with their guards down is intriguing to me. Though I wouldn't consider myself a Street Photographer just yet, I do enjoy the challenge of doing something I'm not used to and photographing things in a way I wouldn't normally. I'd love to keep developing this skill of capturing happenings in the moment in street style.

Here are some photos I shot while at EPCOT (and 1 photo at Fort Wilderness) :). I wish I had a little bit more time in the park to roam around and capture other people, but this is what I was able to shoot in our short time there.

I discuss my technique for my street photography in this post.

LOCATIONS: The Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort | EPCOT Center
GEAR USED: Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon 28-135 f/3.5