My Dog - Rocky the Yorkie / by Christian Hernandez

His name is Rocky and he came into my life in September 2016. He's the cutest Yorkshire terrier and will melt your heart when you meet him. He used to love eating table treats, but for the last few months I have weaned him off of people-food and am only feeding him dog food. He loves going on walks and you'll often find him with doggy diapers because he loves to relieve himself even indoors - there are still some behaviors I need to train him on after 2 years (lol). He loves to sleep under the covers at night and barks way more than any dog should when the doorbell rings. He's helped me through some tough times and he likes to stick close to daddy. I am glad he's around.

You can follow him on Instagram at /therockyhernandez

GEAR USED: Canon 7D Mark II | Canon 50mm f/1.4