Joshua - Harlem Fashion/Style Photoshoot / by Christian Hernandez

Joshua has been a good friend of mine since 2010 when we were both in undergrad at the University of Central Florida. That year, we both made UCF's Orientation Team (affectionately named O-Team). We were in part experts on the university's campus and resources for students. We took incoming students around campus and were a helping hand to help make their transition into college a little easier. Over that summer, we built a friendship bonding over our cleanliness, our love of pizza, and he ended up being my first roommate ever.

After undergrad, I moved to NYC and we lost touch a bit. But when he decided to move to NYC, we got the chance to reconnect. Prior to my move back to Orlando (literally a few days before), I got the chance to take some fashion photos for him around Harlem. He's always had a solid sense of style and fashion since I've known him and I'm glad I was able to leave him with some photos before I moved out of the city.

That April 2018 day, we roamed around West 125th Street in Harlem for a few hours and shot some stills. I was reminded of the value of good friendship and support. And photography brought us together again for 1 day.

With New York City streets, scaffolding, and scenery as our background, here's what we captured.

GEAR USED: Canon 7D Mark II | Canon 50mm f/1.8 | Tamron 18-200 f/3.5