Family Photography - Photographing my Cousins / by Christian Hernandez

My cousin and her husband just moved back to Florida from Georgia. They are both engineers and move cities/states just about every few years to be closer to each of their project’s sites. They are now working on a project in Florida and called me up for some family photos. They take some each year for their Christmas cards and to have a record of how the kids have grown throughout the years. I happily obliged!

This was really my second time photographing children, so I didn’t have a ton of experience photographing kids and was a bit nervous. Before getting to our site, I did some research on photographing children so I would be more prepared. I had a couple of prompts in my Notes app on my phone so that if I were at a loss for what to do, I could quickly look at some activities I could ask the kids to do and would capture them doing so.

The whole shoot took 20 minutes max and I’m super happy I was able to capture some great stills for them in that time. It helped that the kids listened to myself as well as mom and dad - they were champs and stayed on task the whole time. As a photographer, I was so thankful that they behaved so well for that little while! I was able to capture a mix of both posed and spontaneous shots.

LOCATION: Moss Park | Orlando, FL
GEAR USED: Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon 7D Mark II | Canon 50mm f/1.4 | Canon 10-18mm f/4.5