Portrait Photography

Whitney & Brady by Christian Hernandez

I met Whitney while in Graduate school. We both attended the same college and she reached out to me to capture some images of herself and her rescue, Brady. I first photographed Whitney and Brady in Central Park in 2017, then again in the upper East Side in 2018, and again in Central Park in 2019.

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Shooting My First Roll of 35mm Film by Christian Hernandez

A few weeks ago, I decided to purchase a film camera for a couple of reasons: To learn a new medium, stretch my creativity, and have fun continuing to learn and pursue photography. Until now, I only had experience shooting digital. With digital, you really have an unlimited amount of photos you can take - you’re only really limited by the size of your memory card. The camera will continue to shoot so long as you have battery and storage space. Film photography has a different look and feel than digital, but in addition to the aesthetics, film forces the photographer to be more careful and methodical compared to digital photography.

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Alpa Rama - Fashion/Style Influencer Photoshoot by Christian Hernandez

I met Alpa in July 2018 when I offered to take some photos for her blog. She's a fashion/style influencer that works with some major brands and is an expert at what she does. This time, we met up at Lake Nona for a very quick shoot around the area.

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