Photography Education

My Year in Photography - 2018 by Christian Hernandez

I never set goals. Believe me - at the beginning of the year, nor at any other point in the year do I set goals. But since I now had time to think about what I wanted the rest of my year to look like, I set some goals for my business back in May. Since then, I’m surprised at how many of those I’ve been fortunate to have achieved. By God’s grace and provision, and with the support of my family and friends, I have thankfully been able to check several of those off my list. Here are 4 that I’m really proud of.

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A Photographer's Portrait by Christian Hernandez

In the spirit of learning and becoming a better photographer, on Thursday night, I wanted to play with some lights and softboxes I had purchased a few months ago. I've learned that trial and error in a relaxed, controlled environment (not a paid shoot), I can learn a lot about lighting, the camera, lenses, and photography in general. I don't have the pressure of delivering images to a client and have ample time to adjust things and see what works and doesn't.

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3 Things I've Learned in 5 Years as a Photographer by Christian Hernandez

I started taking my photography seriously in 2013 after moving to New York City. There, I did a lot of portrait and event work at the graduate school I attended, and also roamed NYC photographing the city on my own. That's the time when I began learning the ins and outs of my camera and how to photograph. Between then and now, I've learned a lot.

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