Alpa Rama - Fashion/Style Influencer Photoshoot / by Christian Hernandez

I met Alpa in July 2018 when I offered to take some photos for her blog. She's a fashion/style influencer that works with some major brands and is an expert at what she does. This time, we met up again in Lake Nona for a very quick shoot around the area. Neither of us foresaw that there was a large scale event happening right where we were meeting that had lots of people, booths, and even live camels. So we had to quickly adjust plans and find spaces where there weren’t people in the background.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about being a photographer is getting the chance to re-connect with people I’ve photographed. It’s been great to have shared experiences with someone on a photoshoot, then see each other later on and do it all again.

Our whole shoot took less than 30 minutes and this is some of what we captured.

LOCATION: Lake Nona, Orlando, FL
GEAR USED: Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon 50mm f/1.4 | Canon 7D Mark II | Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8