Street Photography at Walt Disney World / by Christian Hernandez

Yesterday, my sister and I went to Walt Disney World. It's not uncommon - we have annual passes and go almost every week. I usually take my camera to the parks and sometimes take photos of my sister or clients, but today I had no assignment. So with the camera in hand, I decided to challenge myself to some Street Photography while I was there. It's a section of Photography I don't have too much experience with but would love to develop. I wanted to see what I could capture in the moment today.

I've been on the lookout for a waist-level camera to shoot some street photos - I find that the more inconspicuous I can be, the better the images come out. I haven't found a waist-level camera I like and can afford yet, so I used the next best thing. I strapped my Canon 7D Mark II on my shoulder strap and held it upside down (because the attachment is at the bottom of the camera). While the camera was hanging upside down from my strap, I placed the camera on silent mode and pressed the shutter button.

With the camera not being up to my face, people leave their guards down and continue doing what they're doing. Because they don't notice, they're not posed, which is my favorite part of street photography. I placed it on silent shutter to draw as least attention to myself as possible.

Here's a collection of the photos I snapped.

LOCATIONS: Disney's Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios
GEAR USED: Canon 7D Mark II | Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5